Trip Photos

Jolly Lake

We first camped where the Twin Otter dropped us off, and stayed there for a while. There were many close research sites and our work was slow at first as we were figuring out efficient ways to complete our research. The first time we moved camp, we canoed from the west end of Jolly lake […]

Trip Photos

Getting to a Research Site

We didn’t get to pick where we wanted to hike to each day. Our research sites were determined by satellite maps of greening or non-greening areas (explained on the satellite page). Sometimes getting to these sites was challenging. There were wetlands, rocks, streams, and hummocky terrain, and birch and willow thickets that we would hike over […]

Trip Photos

The Search for Root Collars

One of the things we were interested in was the growth patterns of shrubs in the Bathurst Caribou herd range. Specifically, we wanted to know how climate has affected shrub growth. We have already looked at the greening patterns in the satellite data, but the shrubs themselves have a story to tell us. At each […]


We are back from the tundra!

After 36 consecutive days in the field, we returned to Yellowknife on Monday, August 20, stepping off the plane somewhat hairier (quick, admire the guys’ neck beards before they’re gone!) and substantially grimier than when we left. But, all of us satisfied at having completed a safe and successful field season: We visited ten (10) […]