Trip Photos

Getting to a Research Site

We didn’t get to pick where we wanted to hike to each day. Our research sites were determined by satellite maps of greening or non-greening areas (explained on the satellite page). Sometimes getting to these sites was challenging. There were wetlands, rocks, streams, and hummocky terrain, and birch and willow thickets that we would hike over […]


We are back from the tundra!

After 36 consecutive days in the field, we returned to Yellowknife on Monday, August 20, stepping off the plane somewhat hairier (quick, admire the guys’ neck beards before they’re gone!) and substantially grimier than when we left. But, all of us satisfied at having completed a safe and successful field season: We visited ten (10) […]


Pre-Departure Group Photo

Since we are studying change, we thought it would be valuable to have a picture of our field crew before we depart for five weeks. Consider it a photo for posterity, so you can see how we undergo our own changes in the wilds of Northwest Territories!


Our 2018 Fieldwork Route

A bit of time in Yellowknife before we depart (Monday morning is coming quickly!) and so I thought I would share our general route plans for this summer. The map below gives an idea of our research area and our planned route (red line). Our team of 6 are flying into Jolly Lake via a DHC-3T Turbo […]


Arrival in Yellowknife next week

About 10 days left to finalize everything for our trip. All of the dehydrated food has been prepared and is either already in Yellowknife or en route today (July 2) so we can pick it up, re-pack and gather fresh ingredients when we arrive. Our large gear (canoes, tents, kitchen gear,) is also prepared and […]