Our 2018 Fieldwork Route

A bit of time in Yellowknife before we depart (Monday morning is coming quickly!) and so I thought I would share our general route plans for this summer. The map below gives an idea of our research area and our planned route (red line).

Our team of 6 are flying into Jolly Lake via a DHC-3T Turbo Otter on floats (by the way I highly recommend Air Tindi for all of your aircraft needs in the NWT!). We will then assemble our PakBoats and establish camps along our route from Jolly Lake into Courageous Lake, along the Snake River and finally into and around MacKay Lake. The map above also reveals one measure of vegetation change on the landscape. It shows the trends in vegetation change from the year 2000 until present based on the MODIS satellite sensor (see more on our Satellite Imagery page). The darker green colours indicate greater amounts of greening whereas any brown spots indicate areas that have decreased in vegetation. We will visit and sample in several areas that are showing different amounts of greening over the past two decades in order to measure on the ground conditions and what that means for habitat change.

To the field for 5 weeks we go!

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