Arrival in Yellowknife next week

About 10 days left to finalize everything for our trip. All of the dehydrated food has been prepared and is either already in Yellowknife or en route today (July 2) so we can pick it up, re-pack and gather fresh ingredients when we arrive. Our large gear (canoes, tents, kitchen gear,) is also prepared and being shipped to Yellowknife this week while we will be bringing along more and the science gear with us as we travel north next week. This trip preparation has been somewhat more complicated than previous ones as we are preparing from several locations (Kingston, Camrose and Whitehorse). But our communication has been pretty solid and we will all be together in Yellowknife starting July 12 to finalize everything.

Personal preparations are almost complete on my end, as I started putting together all of my gear and arranging final details. Footwear is always something I’m not sure about. In 2016 I went with old runners and a pair of Tingleys. They worked a-ok, but after moving to Alberta it seems I threw out my old runners so I was re-investigating what to wear. Based on last trip there is no sense in aiming to keep feet dry, it is more about keeping feet warm and having good grip with decent support in case of shorter portages (longer portages usually involve changing into hiking boots). Looking for recommendations about canoe footwear never really settles anything as everyone has a different preference. However with a bit of experience it made the process easier and this time I ended up with a pair of MEC Roque paddling booties. Cheaper and likely quicker to dry than many sneaker options; paired with some merino wool socks they will do well and allowed me to cross footwear off my list quickly.

Definitely a list of smaller things to still get organized, but looking forward to kicking off the 2018 fieldwork season next week.


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